12 December 2013

Review: Nightmare House 2 (PC)

How fitting that my first PC review on this blog is about Nightmare House 2. It is a completely free mod based on Half-Life 2 and thus really feels like a "for us by us" kind of thing.

A lot of you might probably have heard about this game before since it is a pretty popular mod available from multiple sources. But for the sake of clarity I will explain it in short terms anyway. Nightmare House 2 is a direct sequal to the first game, building upon the premise of a place you need to escape from in order to survive. This time around you get to explore a hospital called "Never Lose Hope", which happens to be riddled with zombies and ghosts. Sounds good, does it not?

During your journey you will encounter not only monsters but also a small SWAT team, creepy mannequins, a dead angry girl and other things that just makes you go "aha, Fear!". This is not a bad thing. You do have to rely on axes and guns to survive though, which makes it feel a bit too action oriented for my taste when it comes to this genre. There are a lot of things taken directly from Half-Life 2, so I ended up looking for stuff I recognized more than immersing myself in the game I had before me. The slight delay in a few sound effects also made the jumpscares a bit weak since it felt more comical than scary. There is however a pretty interesting story behind it all, but it unveils at the very end and therefore feels a bit... Rushed? Forced? Something like that. I do however appreciate the effort.

It is a pretty short experience, a couple of hours is all it takes to reach the end, but the fact that it is completely free and made as a mod still makes it feel very ambitious. I recommend this one if you are a fan of horror, but do not expect to get scared.

02 December 2013

Update: VGL is not dead

Hello again everyone! I have been away from this blog for over six months. What happened? The Ouya happened. I got my Ouya sometime in early june and since then I haven't played anything else. This means I have not been playing anything that fits this blog. That will change however. I have a few games up my sleeve that should be talked about here, and I also plan to bring PC into the mix as I grow fonder of that gaming platform by the day. Don't worry, if I go there I won't be bringing up recent games which pretty much always have DRM and stuff. I would in that case aim for the slightly older PC games and perhaps a few interesting mods...

I have a lot on my plate these days though. I'm currently studying full time, I got promoted to editor on a gaming site I've been creating content for and I am also a part of the staff over at Ouya Forum. This means even less time to put into this blog. I'm currently playing Nightmare House 2 (a free Half-Life 2 mod) which will be reviewed on here shortly. I also plan to beat Pathologic although I suspect that will take some time to write about.