10 April 2017

Review: Resistance: Retribution (Playstation Portable)

Resistance: Retribution takes place a few months after the events in the first game, Resistance: Fall of Man. We take on the role as a insufferable douchebag named James Grayson that are making exceptionally bad decisions based on the need to revenge his brothers' death and that he feels let down by the army and his country. When awaiting his execution (yeah, he eventually is sentenced to death) he gets a visit from this french woman named Raine Bouchard who gives him an opportunity to extract said revenge after all. And I guess this also is the seed to what can evolve into the road to redemption, if you will.

Making a third person shooter work well on the PSP isn't the easiest thing in the world concidering that there's only the one thumbstick but Bend Studios (yes, the guys who did Bubsy 3D, the two Uncharted games for Vita and the upcoming Days Gone) came as close as I think it'll get. The thumbstick is used to moving around and the face buttons are used to aim. Specific in game actions are triggered by the d-pad and the shooting is done with the shoulder buttons. Granted, using the face buttons as a way to aim is clonky at best, but they have also included a very generous aim assist that makes up for the lack of precision.

When I had fun I had really fun, and when I was bored or frustrated I was really bored and frustrated. It was never just "meh". Make of that what you want. The game is fairly short all things concidered, but still manages to feel a bit repetetive towards the ending hours though. The gameplay isn't changed up all that much and I obviously didn't care for the main protagonist as he was frustratingly cliché and the voice actor always talked like he needed to go to the bathroom. However the story in Resistance: Retribution is still adding a bit to the main storyline of Resistance and Parker (the voice in the cutscenes) is great as always. All in all it's a decent game to get for the PSP, especially since it's very cheap.

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